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Choosing the Right Bike

What's the difference between the Alpha Series and the Zulu Series?

Prevelo Bikes Technical Questions

Do Prevelo bikes have hand brakes or coaster brakes?

Are training wheels available for Prevelo bikes?


How much assembly is required?

How to I operate the Presta valve on the tires on the Zulu Series bikes?

How do I remove the coaster brake and install the freewheel kit on the Prevelo Alpha One

How do I install the kickstand on my Prevelo bike?

Maintenance and other Tech

The brake is rubbing on the front wheel. How can I troubleshoot this?

The front end/fork feels like it moves, wobbles or rattles inside the frame. How can I fix this?

Shipping, Warranty and Returns

What is Prevelo Bikes' return policy?

What is Prevelo Bikes' Warranty?


Is there a dealer near me that inventories Prevelo bikes?

What is the Alpha One Freewheel Kit?