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Prevelo Bike Sizing

Getting your kids the right size bike is important and, fortunately, also easy. You just need two pieces of information about your little rider:

  • Inseam
  • Rider Experience

Measuring Inseam

  1. Have the rider stand against a wall, hold a book between their legs so that it is firmly against their crotch (the same place their bicycle seat will be).
  2. Measure the distance from the floor to the top of the book.

Rider Experience

Children who are learning are more sensitive to bicycle height than children who already know how to ride a bike. For this reason, our recommendations for bicycle sizing vary slightly based on the experience lever of the rider. The chart below takes into account the fact that experienced riders tend to adapt better to a bike that is slightly larger. For this purpose we categorize young riders as either "Learners" or "Pedalers"

  • Learner: riders who either have not yet learned to ride a pedal bike, or are still frequently putting their feet on the ground while riding.
  • Pedaler: riders who can ride confidently and only put their feet down to stop.
Model Wheel
Approx. Rider Age
Learner Inseam
Pedaler Inseam
Alpha Zero 12" 1½ + 12.5 to 16.5
Alpha One 14" 3 to 5 13.5 to 16.5 13 to 16.5
Alpha Two 16" 4 to 6 16 to 18 with short seat post
(21.5 to 24 with long seat post)
15 to 17.5 with short seat post
(20.5 to 23.5 with long seat post)
Alpha Three 20" 5 to 9 18 to 23 17.5 to 22.5
Alpha Four 24" 7 to 11 24 to 29 23 to 28
Zulu Three 20" 5½ to 9 21 to 26 20 to 25
Zulu Four 24" 8 to 11 24 to 29 23 to 29


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14-Inch Wheels | V-brakes & Coaster Brakes | Single Speed

  • The 14" Alpha One is the smallest pedal bike in the Prevelo lineup and fits most 3 to 5 year olds. It's packed with features to get little riders off to the right start, including:
    1. Prevelo confidence inspiring low and narrow geometry. Prevelo geometry keeps the rider low, balanced and in control.
    2. Lightweight 6061 aluminum frame with custom formed tubing.
    3. Lightweight aluminum alloy fork with chromoly steerer.
    4. Tektro front and rear v-brakes with small reach brake levers.
    5. Rear coaster brake (removable with optional freewheel kit).
    6. Front hub with low profile rounded hex bolts and no harsh edged nuts for little legs to knock against.
    7. Three piece crank with squared taper cartridge bearing bottom bracket and ultra narrow Q factor.
    8. Double chain wheel guard.
    9. Custom made cranks. All Prevelo cranks are sized specifically for each model bike, down to the millimeter.
    10. 95% assembled. Just install the handlebar, seatpost and pedals.
    Weight (including pedals) 14.4 lbs / 6.5 kg (13.45 lbs / 6.1 kg with freewheel kit installed)
    Minimum Saddle Height 15.6 in / 397 mm
    Maximum Saddle Height 17.5 in / 445 mm
    Bottom Bracket Height 6.7 in / 170 mm
    Gain Ratio 3.7


    A Wheel Size 14"
    B Wheelbase 26.3 in / 667 mm
    C Effective Top Tube Length 13.7 in / 349 mm
    D Head Angle 69°
    E Seat Tube Angle 70°
    F Chain Stay Length 10.7 in / 271 mm
  • Components

    FRAME 6061 heat treated aluminum alloy custom formed tubing
    FORK Aluminum alloy blades with chromoly steerer tube - 35mm rake
    SEAT CLAMP Aluminum alloy with toolless adjustment
    FRONT BRAKE Tektro aluminum V-brake
    REAR BRAKE Tektro aluminum V-brake & coaster brake
    FRONT BRAKE LEVER Tektro aluminum short reach
    REAR BRAKE LEVER Tektro aluminum short reach
    CRANK SET Prevelo anodized alloy 3-piece square taper with 85MM crank length.
    SPROCKET 25T with double chain ring guard
    BB SET Sealed cartridge
    HEAD SET 1 1/8" threadless
    RIM Aluminum with grinded sidewalls
    FRONT HUB Lightweight alloy 1-piece forged CNC with low profile rounded hex bolts
    REAR HUB Steel with integrated coaster brake - 14T cog
    TIRE & TUBE Kenda Small Block Eight Pro 14 ×1.5
    SADDLE Prevelo small kid saddle
    HANDLEBAR Prevelo Aluminum - 470mm wide x 50mm rise - 22.2mm to 19mm taper
    HANDLEBAR STEM Aluminum 30mm extension
    GRIP Kraton rubber
    PEDAL Composite with 9/16 chromoly axle
  • Freewheel Kit

    CPSC standards require this bike to be shipped with a coaster brake installed. The optional kit allows the installation of a freewheel. The Freewheel Kit includes a complete wheel with a freewheel hub, tire and tube. Requires Installation.


    • Custom sized for the Prevelo Alpha One
    • If you order a kickstand with a bike, it will come installed on the bike
    • Lightweight aluminium alloy
    • Non-corrosive, solid non-porous casting
    • Dual spring pressure plate and snap action mechanism with hardened steel pivot pin
    • Non-slip clamping surface
    • Made in USA


What the bicycle media is saying

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From the tiny saddle to the custom 85mm-long cranks, everything on the Alpha One has been thought-through with the dedication and passion I normally see reserved for bikes costing thousands more.


Kid Centric Features

Kid Engineered Crank

prevelo rounded axle bolt

Rounded Axle Bolts

bicycle internally routed cable

Internally Routed Cables

Kid Size Hand Brakes



Sealed Bearings

Quick Adjust Seat Height

Built Kid Tough

Confidence Inspiring Geometry


Alpha One Lifestyle



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Anderson R
Alabama, USA

Phenomenal company and product, balance bike to pedal bike in 10 minutes!!!

My son had been on a balance bike for about 7 months and I had the feeling that he was ready to try out his first pedal bike. I am the type to get into the details and do too much research so I spent a good bit of time (okay, a ton) figuring out the different options out there. There a few really good sites like and that have a lot of great reviews on their sites, but they also teach you what to look for in your first balance bike and your first or second pedal bikes. It seemed like getting the right bike, especially with the first pedal bike would make a huge difference on how quickly and easily my son would learn to pedal. He is 3 yrs, 9 mo, 39.5" tall, with a 16" inseam, and 35 lbs. So I was looking for a bike that was as light as possible, with 14" wheels, a minimum seat height of no more than 17" (preferably 16"), and kid-friendly geometry. But my son is also really comfortable on his balance bike, riding beginner mtn bike trails, a pump track, has done a couple strider class bmx races, and can balance indefinitely, so I didn't want it to be so upright that he wouldn't be able to grow into it a little and progress to more aggressive riding. I also wanted to ensure I was able to put a freewheel on the rear hub. I had a lot of trouble finding a bike that checked all the boxes. One had 12" wheels with too aggressive of a geometry, one did not offer a freewheel kit (coaster brake only), and one was too upright with the minimum seat height a little too tall. So I commented on one of the aforementioned sites asking for advice, and I got a response to look at the Prevelo Alpha One which was new and just hadn't been reviewed or added to the site yet. I'm willing to bet now after getting the bike and 4 or 5 rides that Prevelo will have all their bikes near or at the top of the list on every bike review site out there before too long. For what it's worth, I spent almost as much time looking into his first balance bike. While I got one of the better balance bikes I could get at the time (last October), I wish the Prevelo Alpha Zero had been out when I bought it, as it solves every little thing I don't like about the one we got. It's definitely the way I'd go if we were buying again. As for the Alpha One, it meets all our needs. 14" wheels, about 13 lbs, minimum seat height is 15.6" (best I've seen for this size bike), the cranks and stance appear to fit him well. I don't have any reservations about taking it to the mtn bike trails when he's ready. Freewheel kit available. The quality seems really good, brakes are good quality tektro brand, internally routed rear cable (only bike I've seen this on), welds look as good as my $1200 road bike. And it's just a really good looking bike in my opinion. My son loves it. I unpacked it during his nap, put on the handlebars, and swapped out the rear wheel with the freewheel kit. I also dropped the seatpost down pretty low and left the pedals off at first just to let him ride it around the house for a little bit to get use to it. After dinner we took off outside. Again, I let him ride it for a little while without the pedals. I then put just one pedal on to practice a "one pedal scoot" which is the technique he uses to get moving before he move his second foot to the pedal. We then raised the seat a little and put on the second pedal. From when we put the second pedal on, it was only 10 minutes before he was riding by himself. I was so impressed and so, so proud. And the joy on my son's face and the laughter from his voice was priceless. On his second day, he's even making his way up the hills in the neighborhood. I know his balance bike experience helped a ton, but I also think his comfort on the bike has helped him pick it up very quick. I am also extremely impressed with the people at Prevelo. Their website is phenomenal with all the info you need to get going. Great pictorial instructions for bike assembly, freewheel kit installation, bike fit, tire pressure, etc. And the people at Prevelo have been great. I emailed multiple questions over multiple emails, and Jacob Rheuban replied promptly each time with thoughtful responses and honestly seemed to appreciate that I was asking questions. I can tell he is also genuinely interested in my son having a successful first pedal bike experience. And he ultimately helped me decide on the right bike since my son potentially could have gone either way between the Alpha One and Alpha Two. Once ordered, the communication was great with updates along the way about when it would ship and when it would arrive. They even added a personal touch to the bike for my son. I also asked a question about the freewheel kit installation before my bike got to me. They had literally answered my question and updated the instructions on their website within an hour. One of the best shopping experiences I've had ever. I will be a Prevelo customer for a long time.

Shah R.

Amazing Bicycle from a Truly Great Company

We had winnowed our bicycle selections for our son's first bicycle down to two bicycles. It was a difficult process because we had two requirements; it must be able to accommodate a short inseam of 15', and it has freewheel option. As we read the comments on a toddler bicycle website, someone mentioned Prevelo. I would like to thank this person. We never even heard of the company, and I decided to take a closer look. I immediately saw the quality of the welds, the thoughtfully designed aluminum frame, and the brakes. I read about the company itself, how they started new with a vision about how toddler bicycles can be. What sold me is an article written by their engineer, someone who has designed bicycle frames for major companies for 40 years. Finally, when placing the order, we found out that it was local to us. I decided to ring up the number and was surprised to find out the man I was talking to was the owner. Being entrepreneurial myself, I had to visit the company, and we ended up buying the bike directly from the owner! :) My son had the most amazing first-bicycle purchase experience. Thank you for Prevelo for building the most well-designed first-bicycle on the market today. We truly believe that.

Alpha OneAlpha One
United States

Just got it!

We did not put the pedals on so my son could get used to balancing on it first. Hoping to get the pedals on before Fall hits. My son seems to really like the bike. It is built very well. It looks really nice too.

United States

She's riding a bike!

Love the service and recommendations in purchasing our second bike from Prevelo. Only took a day and she went from balance bike to pedaling. Each to their own on timeline, but in terms of giving the best platform to make it happen you can't go wrong here.

Erik O.
United States

Assembly was easy. Bike is

Assembly was easy. Bike is well-built and has excellent geometry for our 3-yr old.