Ship to the Future

Most in stock orders ship out the same day.  However, if you want to buy a bike today to avoid it selling out, but you want it shipped later, we have an option for you!  Ship Your Bike to the Future (this is our geeky way of saying you can give us a future date to ship the bike on!)

How it works:

1.  Add your bike to your shopping cart.

2.  On the cart page you'll see an option to "SCHEDULE MY SHIPMENT"

prevelo bikes schedule my shipment checkbox

3.  A field will appear where you can select the date you'd like us to ship your order on.

prevelo bikes schedule shipment calendar

4.  We'll hold your order and ship it on the date that you requested.



  1. For Christmas delivery we strongly recommend not choosing a date later than 12/13/2019.
  2. The date you select is the date we will ship on.  The actual arrival date will depend on the destination and the shipping service you selected at checkout.  For domestic ground shipping estimated transit times, please refer to the map here: Shipping Details
  3. If you need the bike for a special occasion like a holiday, birthday or vacation, we recommend that you plan on receiving the bike at least a few days early.
  4. We don't ship on weekends or holidays. If you pick a ship date that falls on a date that we aren't shipping, we will ship the first business day after that date.
  5. You can cancel your order anytime before it ships.  Your 30 day return window begins on the day that you receive the bike.
  6. Because of the asymmetry of time, this feature can only be used to postpone a shipment, not to ship it earlier.  So for example, if an item is noted as backordered, pre-order, or otherwise noted that it will not ship immediately, we will ship on the later of the date that you request or the date that we would otherwise ship if you didn't request a ship date.  We have a crack team of scientists working on reversing the flow of time so that we can ship orders infinity early, but so far all that they have figured out is how to make a necklace out of a bicycle chain, so please don't hold your breath waiting for this one to work out.