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Prevelo Bike Sizing

Getting your kids the right size bike is important and, fortunately, also easy. You just need two pieces of information about your little rider:

  • Inseam
  • Rider Experience

Measuring Inseam

  1. Have the rider stand against a wall, hold a book between their legs so that it is firmly against their crotch (the same place their bicycle seat will be).
  2. Measure the distance from the floor to the top of the book.

Rider Experience

Children who are learning are more sensitive to bicycle height than children who already know how to ride a bike. For this reason, our recommendations for bicycle sizing vary slightly based on the experience lever of the rider. The chart below takes into account the fact that experienced riders tend to adapt better to a bike that is slightly larger. For this purpose we categorize young riders as either "Learners" or "Pedalers"

  • Learner: riders who either have not yet learned to ride a pedal bike, or are still frequently putting their feet on the ground while riding.
  • Pedaler: riders who can ride confidently and only put their feet down to stop.
Model Wheel
Approx. Rider Age
Learner Inseam
Pedaler Inseam
Alpha Zero 12" 1½ + 12.5 to 16.5
Alpha One 14" 3 to 5 13.5 to 16.5 13 to 16.5
Alpha Two 16" 4 to 6 16.5 to 22
15 to 22 
Alpha Three 20" 5 to 9 20 to 23 17.5 to 23
Alpha Four 24" 7 to 11 24.5 to 28 23 to 28
Zulu Three 20" 5½ to 9 22 to 26 20 to 25
Zulu Four 24" 8 to 11 25 to 29 23 to 29
Speed Silver
Power Purple
Expected to Ship Week of Dec 10

Speed Silver: Expected to Ship Week of Dec 10
Power Purple: Expected to Ship Week of Dec 10
2018 Holiday Back Order/Pre-Order Info

Wheel Size
16 inches

Approx. Age Range
4 to 6 years


Fast and Free Shipping

Shipping Terms

Checked and Tuned
Each bike is checked & tuned prior to shipment.

Easy Assembly
Includes all the tools you need & easy instructions.

The 16" Alpha Two is the perfect bike for 4 to 6 year olds whether they are just learning to ride or are mastering the trails. It features:
  1. Ships with a bonus short seat post for additional height adjustment.  A short seat post and the tool required to change seat post are included!
  2. Prevelo confidence inspiring low and narrow geometry. Prevelo geometry keeps the rider low, balanced and in control
  3. Lightweight 6061 aluminum frame with custom formed tubing.
  4. Lightweight aluminum alloy fork with chromoly steerer.
  5. Tektro front and rear v-brakes with small reach brake levers.
  6. Front and rear hubs with low profile rounded hex bolts and no harsh edged nuts for little legs to knock against.
  7. Three piece crank with squared taper cartridge bearing bottom bracket and ultra narrow Q factor.
  8. Double chain wheel guard.
  9. Custom made cranks. All Prevelo cranks are sized specifically for each model bike, down to the millimeter.
  10. 95% assembled. Just install the handlebar, seatpost and pedals.


What the bicycle media is saying

two wheeling tots logo


Slick, fun, and fast, the Prevelo Alpha Two 16″ kid’s bike will quickly turn any child into a bike enthusiast.

rascal rides logo

You can’t get a nicer 16″ pedal bike

A big thumbs up


Kid Centric Features

Kid Engineered Crank

Rounded Axle Bolts

Internally Routed Cables

Kid Size Hand Brakes



Sealed Bearings

Quick Adjust Seat Height

Built Kid Tough

prevelo confidence

Confidence Inspiring Geometry




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United States

Wonderful kids bike that will last

I did a lot of research before deciding to get my 4 year old on the Alpha Two. We didn’t get to try this one because there wasn’t a location that carried the Prevalo bikes near us. But we decided to give it a try after reading the extensive reviews and I do not regret it one bit. They have a 30-day period where you can try it and return it if you aren’t satisfied. I bet you they don’t have anyone returning their bikes. It’s well made, easy to assemble (since it comes fully assembled really) and my 4 year old LOVES it. There’s no way I could take it away now!

Jace S.
United States

Better than expected

I put a lot of time and way over thought this purchase, and was still surprised at how good this bike is. As an engineer, I have an appreciation for build quality and design that I gained from work experiences. This bike does not disappoint, it's clear that the design and engineering was thought out, and manufacturing processes are well controlled. My son jumped on it took off immediately. He was using a $5 Goodwill Huffy before, to get a taste for pedals, and he was clearly more stable, confident and comfortable on this right away. I was surprised at how noticeable it was. The only adjustment I've made is to bring in the brake lever a little to better match my sons grip. Thanks Prevelo!

Jace S. verified customer review of Alpha TwoJace S. verified customer review of Alpha TwoJace S. verified customer review of Alpha Two
United States

Best kids bike on the market

My daughter has been learning on a balance bike and was ready for pedals. I picked her up a Specialized at the local bike shop and immediately realized a major issue. Coming from a balance bike her reaction was to put her feet down which meant she had no brakes. Prevelo has the perfect solution with a freewheel and hand brakes. Also a smaller seat post is included. My little girl is 3 and a half is and ripping around on the Prevelo.

Daniel W.
United States

Wow - Awesome Bikes!

My wife and I live in the San Francisco bay area with our 4 year old triplets. The terrain around her varies from flat coastal riding to moderate rolling hills. After reading tons of information about bikes online, we went with the Alpha 2. Since the bikes arrived, our kids haven't looked back. We went out for a 10 mile ride recently and they didn't flinch. In fact, after dinner they wanted to go riding again. My big likes are the bike's geometry, higher gear ratio (so they can go faster), responsive brakes, and the styling. I would have liked more color selection, but after the first minute they didn't seem to care. Having different color handlebars did the trick. Looking forward to being a part of the Prevelo family moving forward.

Daniel W. verified customer review of Alpha Two
United States

Amazing, amazing bike and experience

My son received his Alpha 2 as a 4th birthday gift and LOVES it. It took him 1 second to master the peddling and 2 minutes to master the handbrakes. My husband, father in law and I could not believe the ease with which he transitioned from his balance bike to the Alpha 2. The team was so helpful and guided me through the whole process of ordering it over the phone. We live in NYC and received it within 2 days. Great product, beautiful design and the nicest people to work with. Highly recommend buying it.