Freewheel Cog

The Alpha One w/ Freewheel Kit and the Alpha Two both come standard with 14T freewheel cogs.  These freewheel cogs are only necessary if you want to change the gear ratio.


If you are looking for a shorter or taller gear ratio on the Alpha Two or the Alpha One with the Freewheel Kit, swap out the standard 14T freewheel cog with  one of these freewheel cogs.

  • Cold forged for high-torque strength
  • 30 steps / 12º engagement
  • Nickel plated sprocket ring, fits 1/8" and 3/32" chains
  • Requires a Crossfire 6-spline tool for removal.

If you order the 13T or 15T  freewheel cog in the same order as an Alpha One with a freewheel kit or an Alpha Two, we will install the 13T or 15T cog prior to shipping (in the case of the Alpha One with the freewheel kit, the cog will be installed on the freewheel kit, but the freewheel kit still ships uninstalled from the bike).  We will still include the standard 14T cog with the bike in case you decide to switch back to it in the future.

Gain Ratios of Different Cogs on Alpha One and Alpha Two

  13T 14T (Standard) 15T
Alpha One (With Freewheel Kit) 4.0 3.7 3.5
Alpha Two  4.1 3.8 3.6